Pennsylvania / Canada 2014

Last summer, I got the opportunity to go to both Pennsylvania and Canada. I got to visit Niagara Falls, which was probably my favorite part of the trip. The first couple photographs, are of the falls themselves. The day I went, was a pretty cloudy day, so I had to use Adobe Lightroom, to brighten up my photographs. I still really like how the photographs turned out though. I felt like I was able to capture the beauty of the falls, as well as the beauty of the greenery around them. I really like the photograph of the ferry that travels around the falls. I like how the trees sort of frame the ferry. The rest of the photographs, are taken in Pennsylvania. My boyfriend and his friends were making a treehouse, so he made a ladder out of branches. I thought that the ladder, would be a great subject for a photograph. I took multiple photographs of the ladder, and kept some in color, and used a black and white filter on others. I really liked how they turned out, especially the photograph of the ladder in color. I like the lighting in the photo, as well as the color of the trees in the background.