The Disneyland Resort

I absolutely love taking photographs of anything Disney! I’ve had a Disneyland pass over the years, so this is a collection of photographs from Disneyland and California Adventure. Out of this whole collection, my favorite photograph would have to be the one of Santa during the Christmas parade at Disneyland. I really like that I was able to capture an expression on his face, that you wouldn’t normally see. I also really like the photograph of the Carthay Circle World Premiere sign. I used a black and white filter on the photograph, instead of leaving it in color. It really made the sign pop out more, as well as the lights below the sign. The photograph of the Nightmare Before Christmas countdown clock on the Haunted Mansion, is another favorite photograph of mine. I also used a black and white filter on this photograph. I thought the photograph would look better in black in white, rather than in color, because there was already a lot of blacks and whites in the photograph. The filter made the colors stand out more. I really enjoy taking photographs of anything Disney, and I will eventually put more on this blog, in the future. The 60th anniversary is coming up soon, so I plan to go to Disneyland, and will definitely be taking photographs.