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Recap of a great semester in my Digital Photo Sketchbook Class

Today unfortunately is my last day in my Digital Photo Sketchbook class. The semester is coming to an end. I will continue to post on here, as much as I possibly can. I’ve… Continue reading

Plant Photography

This week, I went out and took some photographs, of a variety of different plants. I’ve always had an interest in flowers/plants, and I’ve always enjoyed looking at photographs of plants as well.… Continue reading

Catherine Opie: A Documentary Photographer

Today in my Digital Photo Sketchbook class, I saw a short film about a documentary photographer, and her name is Catherine Opie. From watching this short film, I noticed that she takes photographs… Continue reading

HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photographs

This week I got to shoot HDR (High Dynamic Range) photographs for the first time. Taking these photographs were tricker than I thought they were going to be. I tried my best to… Continue reading

Self Portraits

For my self portrait assignment, I decided to go out and take photographs of my self, on this horse trail near my house. I thought it would be really cool, if I could… Continue reading

Cindy Sherman: An Amazing Self Portrait Photographer

In my Digital Photography Sketchbook class today, we watched a short film about a widely known photographer named Cindy Sherman. At first when I heard that she was a self portrait photographer, I… Continue reading

Night Photography

This week’s assignment in my Digital Photo Sketchbook class was night photography. I unfortunately didn’t have as much time as I would of liked to, to take these photographs. I tried last night… Continue reading

Troy Paiva: An Extraordinary Night Photographer

In class today, we discussed night photography and I was directed towards a website called, that displays many photographs of famous night photographers. As I was looking at the list of night… Continue reading

Susan Burnstine, A Photographer and An Inspiration

Susan Burnstine is an inspiration to all photographers, or at least to me. She is known for taking dream-like photographs using cameras that she designed herself. She uses plastic, old vintage camera parts,… Continue reading

Light Photography

This week I got to experiment with light in my photographs. At first I wasn’t sure whether I should take photographs during magic hour (sunrise/sunset) or take photographs in the dark using light… Continue reading