Recap of a great semester in my Digital Photo Sketchbook Class

Today unfortunately is my last day in my Digital Photo Sketchbook class. The semester is coming to an end. I will continue to post on here, as much as I possibly can. I’ve actually enjoyed going out and taking photographs, and then blogging about them on here. Taking this class, reminded me how much I love taking photographs, and also taught me how to write about my photographs as well. I learned how to take HDR photographs, how to use Adobe Lightroom 5, and what a triptych is. I also got practice night photography, food photography, environmental photography, self portraits, light photography, recycle photography, and plant photography.

For our last assignment of the semester, I had to create three 5X7 cards on I just got my cards in the mail today, and I was rather impressed with how they turned out. I used one photograph from my food photography, light photography, and my MOPA inspiration photography. I really like Snapfish and I would really like to buy more cards and other items off it, in the future. If you need/want cards or even prints with your photographs on it, I really recommend Snapfish.