Catherine Opie: A Documentary Photographer

Today in my Digital Photo Sketchbook class, I saw a short film about a documentary photographer, and her name is Catherine Opie. From watching this short film, I noticed that she takes photographs of a variety of different subjects. For example, she took photographs of an ocean for several months. Every single one of her photographs was taken in the exact same spot, but at different times. I thought these photographs were really cool, because they were  taken at different times of the day, and during different seasons. These photographs were taken, to be put up on the walls at hospital in Cleveland, Ohio.  Opie mentions in  the film, that photographs put her in certain moods, and allow her to escape to different places in her mind that help her feel calm and relaxed.  These photographs in the hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, allow the patents to also escape to happier places in their minds, so they forgot that they are in the hospital for a few moments.