Welcome to my Photography blog!!! Here you will find photographs that I have taken throughout the past couple years. I will be adding new pages, and posting photographs within them each week, that I edited using Adobe Lightroom 5.0, as well as, Adobe Photoshop CC (2014). I will be more than happy to explain what I did to edit each photo, as well as, explain why I took the photograph, and where it was taken.

I took a class in college a couple years ago, that was all about photography and blogging. I believe the class was called Digital Photo Sketchbook. I got the opportunity to go out into the world and take photographs each week that fit within a certain theme, and then got to blog about them on here. You can find my blog for that class, in the page above labeled Digital Photo Sketchbook. I really enjoyed taking this class a couple years ago, so I have decided to continue it with photos that I have taken since the class ended.

I love photography a lot, and hopefully you will enjoy my photographs as much as I do!!!